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Our aim is to help you obtain a beautiful, healthy and confident smile.
A team of internationally trained dental specialists, with a cutting-edge technology are making Friendly Dental Surgery to be your first choice when it comes to professional and affordable dental services.

  • Replacing a Single Tooth

    If you are missing a single tooth, one implant and a crown can replace it.

  • Replacing Several Teeth

    If you are missing several teeth, implant-supported bridges can replace them.

  • Replacing All of Your Teeth

    If you are missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported full bridge or full denture can replace them.

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Friendly Dental Surgery

Friendly Dental Surgery have changed the face of dentistry over the last 10 years.
What is Friendly Dental Surgery?
What is the history of Friendly Dental Surgery?
How do they replace missing teeth?
This section will give you an overview of the topics of Friendly Dental Surgery, been elaborated in these additional sections.

About Friendly Dental Surgery

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As with most treatment procedures in dentistry today, Friendly Dental Surgery not only involve scientific discovery, research and understanding, but also application in clinical practice.

The practice of implant dentistry requires expertise in planning, surgery and tooth restoration; it is as much about art and experience as it is about science. This site will help provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices in consultation with your dental health professionals.

  • Replacing a Single Tooth

    If you are missing a single tooth, one implant and a crown can replace it.

  • Replacing Several Teeth

    If you are missing several teeth, implant-supported bridges can replace them.

  • Replacing All of Your Teeth

    If you are missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported full bridge or full denture can replace them.

Our Services Include


Endodontics is the study, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases associated with the roots of the teeth. Endodontic services aim to save the patient’s natural teeth by restoring dental health and function.


Periodontics is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries to the gums, connective tissues, and bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontist can also place implants in areas of missing teeth.


Orthodontic treatment helps teeth line up correctly, using braces or other devices. Also includes treating and controlling various aspects of facial growth (dentofacial orthopedics) and the shape and development of the jaw.


Pedodontics, is a highly specialized field of treatment for infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special needs, in a relaxing, caring environment specifically geared toward young patients.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. This is more suitable for anxious dental patients who seek extreme safety and comfort.

Other Services

Veneers, Crown and Bridges,
All types of restorations &
All types of dentures.


Method of Implanting


First stage

Surgically implanted, which replaces the tooth root underneath the gum. It protects the implant from force while it is healing.


Second Stage

Checks the implant for its successful integration and connects abutment which penetrates through the gum into the mouth.



This stage consists of fabricating and connecting the prosthetic teeth to the successfully Osseo-integrated implants.


  • Q. Is the concept of dental implants a new one?
    A. Interestingly, dental implants have been performed for thousands of years. Egyptian mummies have been found with gold wire implants in the jawbones. Pre-Columbian skeletal remains exhibit dental implants made of semi-precious stones. Recently, a Roman soldier was unearthed in Europe with an iron dental implant in his jawbone. In the Middle East, implants made of ivory have been discovered in skeletons from the Middle Ages.
    Modern implantology began at the beginning of the 20th century. However, popularity really grew in the 1980’s with the increased success of the titanium cylinder. Since then, many brand name implants with minor variations have been approved.
  • Q. What factors contribute to long-term success of Dental Implants?
    A. Long-term success depends on multiple factors. First off, success will depend on the quality and quantity of bone. The better the bone and the more available, the greater the chance of long-term success. Secondly, the experience and ability of the dental surgeon will be a factor. As with any surgical procedure, there is no substitute for the experience and individual talent of the dentist.
  • Q. Are there any age limitations for dental implants?
    A. No. Any person at any age can have dental implants as long as there is enough bone available in which to place the implants.
  • Q. What might be some of the factors that would prevent me from being an implant candidate?
    A. There are some medical factors that might prevent a person from being a good candidate for dental implants. Some of these may be uncontrolled diabetes, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, parathyroid disorders, blood disorders, rare bone disorders or bone marrow cancer. Some physical factors may include insufficient or poor quality bone, low sinuses or nerve bundles.
  • Q. How often will I need to have my dental implants checked?
    A. The success of your implants will depend greatly on how well you maintain them. They will need to be professionally cleaned by a hygienist and examined by your implant dentist every three to four months. This hygienist should be trained in the specific procedure of maintaining dental implants. Also, brushing and flossing daily is absolutely necessary for long-term success.
  • Q. Is dental implant surgery painful?
    A. No. An effective local anesthetic is used during the surgery so that you do not have any discomfort during the placement of the implants. The mild discomfort you might experience after surgery can be controlled with medications.
  • Q. When can I return to work after implant surgery?
    A. You can go to work the next day, unless some particular surgical circumstance arises. Our implant dentist will discuss all postoperative instructions with you.
  • Q. What are the benefits of dental implants?
    A. Dental implants have given countless patients many amazing benefits.
    • You will smile again
    • Improved appearance
    • Improved comfort
    • Improved speech
    • Eat better, enjoy more foods, better nutrition
    • Convenience
    • Improved self-esteem
    Dental implants are also a great value for your investment. You will be getting a product that you will be using 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, probably for many, many years of your life.
  • Q. What is the relative cost of dental implants?
    A. As with many surgical procedures, dental implant fees will vary from county to country. Due to Sri Lanka's economic structure we are fortunately able to offer you high quality implant and other dental services up to 60% less of what you would have to pay in Europe, Australia or the United States. For more information and/or quote please contact us

Patients' Comments

“Thank you for doing such a good job; probably the best experience in drilling I’ve had yet. I have had 5 other crowns done by other dentists and I am so glad that I came to you. I want you to know, you did an excellent job and I am very happy with the experience and the professional work you do! Thank you!!!”
– Oliver Gunathilake.

“I have a true phobia of going to the dentist. This time I had to get a cavity taken care of. This was honestly the best dentist trip ever. It was quick and I honestly did not feel a thing. Nice to go to a place where staff is friendly, laughing, and happy to be there. Thank you ….l!!!!”
– Mrs. Mahendran

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